15 April 2012

I am sorry I have not been available to you recently.  I have tried my best to answer emails and Skype contacts, but off and on for several weeks I have been experiencing almost constant ecstatic bliss that is so powerful it just captivates my full attention.  There is such happiness and love that fills my beingness completely.  I thought I had "transcended" these ecstatic states many years ago in order to abide in "ordinary mind," but with the knowledge that 'I' am the witnessing absolute entirely beyond this world of void and form.

However, the so called "Self" has revisited me in a most powerful way, filling "me" with peaceful, resting energy, love and bliss. Like Robert, I just sit hour after hour experiencing the joy within.

Perhaps it is time to start online satsangs again and share this joy and the way to it. 


  1. Since the beginning of the year, I have only occasionally been available for the satsangs. All of a sudden (most) Saturdays are more appropriate for me to spend at home. Having them now is perfect. I look forward to it.

    ~ Rick

  2. Sounds good to me, Edji!
    Love, Matthew

  3. I would love Satsang to return Edji.
    It will bring a lot of joy and stillness.
    best regards

  4. Yes, we need your satsangs Edji !
    I am happy for you :o)

  5. Satsang sounds awesome!


  6. All i have to say is , Thank you

  7. It wasn't hard after all was it?
    It was simplicity itself.

    Since I came to Robert this is all that is and has been.

    This is why many times I have
    questioned whether Robert was
    understood or not?

    The understanding seems to be alot
    closer to Robert now and I
    congratulate you for finding this
    amidst all those other concepts
    that you taught.

    Silence IS.

  8. fuck yeah! finally Ed fits into your framework, congratulations.

    sorry, sometimes cannot hold back this childish wittyness :(

  9. To Arvydas: I hear you.

    To Anonymous: Which concepts are you referring to? Love, Compassion toward sentient beings, seeing the world as it is, knowing nothing, the concept of serving others as Edji does everyday and setting an example for those willing to pay attention?

    Does Edji need to give concepts?

    Only to those of us not yet free.

    I bow to Edji in gratitude and utter humility.

  10. What was written is done.
    The message is for those who have
    ears to hear.

    Just Be.

    Silence IS.

  11. To Silence IS:Quite right. Thank you.

  12. To anonymous (Silence IS) I am intrigued - do you have any of your own material?