10 August 2019

Ashram of the Heart

Thank you for bringing the wonderful sensations of Satsang to me today.

I am in Love with the Sangha as a whole. As some beautiful entity with a life all its own, including each person therein that I Love so dearly, as if Loving each and every inch of your Lovers body. Every digit, every hair, every freckle, every cell. Everything that makes the whole.

There is an excitement in me. A longing that wants us all to gather together, and sit in each others physical presence one day. It is a great yearning.

It was stirring, but I think Michael broke open the flood gates on Sunday.

You are building an ashram in my heart.

For that I am prostrate with gratitude.

And glowing with the community of Love and Life in this ashram of the heart.

You have not failed at building an ashram.

You have built one, unseen, in me, and in the heart of everyone in the Sangha.

You have built a home for my homeless, vagrant spirit.

Thank You.

To the end of days,

Thank You.

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