22 December 2017


These two emails are so loving and personal I am not including a name, but exactly describe the kind of divine love that I want people to feel, because it leads directly to the realization of your divine self within.


Oh Edji,, it is so very beautiful,.
Listening to your latest Satsang . Your every word just explodes in my Heart Center and radiates out through every single molecule of this body. 

This is so intense and I don't even begin to have the words to describe what is happening.

Every word you say is also my word.

Wow!  This love for you has entered into a new dimension, totally unexpected  and overwhelming.
I Know.
I feel.
I burn.

Pure Love is radiating out from this Void and. Into the Heart Center then spreading everywhere within the body and so intense at times to be too much to handle.

Even questions asked are my questions. I even love the person asking the question.

The kitty that sleeps with me must also feel the love as she came over and sat on my chest... The love between us is even intense.

I feel that all this love is originating and coming straight out of the Void and directly into my Heart Center..
It is just so so powerful.
I know how St. Teresa felt... Almost painful at times.

With who I don't know but I am deeply in Love.

Edji,  never experienced anything like that, ever and it was so awesome!
Voice was so full of Grace that it felt like arrows of Love piercing the I AM.

Human love is so limited compared to this Divine intervention, which is so warm and deep and all Encompassing .

My whole soul was involved. 

It almost felt like it could swallow me up.

I'll be listening to that Satsang over and over again every night.

I am so blessed to have met you 

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