17 February 2017


Dear Edji,

Been listening repeatedly to your Emptiness Satsang.....all night at times.

Yesterday about 3 am......that Emptiness became  me.

Not sure what terms to use here.         I  was the Emptiness and all the outside and body was the  ME/ consciousness part.

I could examine things external within my 'bucket of emptiness'.  Everything was external and I  the observer was at peace.

Consciousness could be brought into the bucket, bliss could be brought to the bucket, anger could be placed there, anything could be placed in the bucket .

This lasted most of the day .   While laying on the couch a brass pull chain and blue cut crystal was placed in the bucket and you know.......I could become that antique pull chain and Know all about it.

Quite and experience and will listen at nights to your satsang to reinforce that passage into Emptiness.

Love you,  steve

OH!   forgot.  I was watching the plaster ceiling in the living room and it turned into waves and light........I know that the ceiling is not real ,  only the mind makes it real.

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  1. That is still the mind. As long as there is someone there playing with this and that it is not it. Go deeper.