23 August 2016


I talked to Marie last week and wanted to update her followers about her health and the 150 cats she cares for in Los Angeles.
Marie had been subjected to unending medical tests since I wrote about her months ago.  Her cancer staging has been upgraded from III rd to IVth stage uterine cancer.  The tumor spread to her kidneys and bladder, but apparently has only minimally invaded those organs.  She has had three chemo sessions each a month apart to be followed soon by a PET scan to see how far the tumor has retreated, and whether Marie can progress to radiation treatment to reduce the tumor further prior to surgery.  She said chemo has been very tolerable, which is unusual for this type of chemo.
But the stress of having cancer and worry about the welfare of her cats and keeping her surrogates supplied with cat food has left her feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable, and therefore unable to reach out to thos who so kindly provided financial support.  In the minimum, it will be six weeks before she can have surgery and another 8-12 weeks to recover after that.

But there is a dire financial need to support her efforts to supply her surrogates with cat food and other supplies, so I am once again asking my readers to help her financially.  I send Marie about $270 a month that I get from Internet donations and my own paychecks, which maxes me out.
So I am requesting donations for her to be mailed to:
Marie Schuckles
8860 Corbin Avenue
Northridge, CA  91324


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