27 June 2015


I wonder then if people like myself who have a supplemental Medicare program(in my case it being the AARP United Healthcare insurance) are still hurt as much by the ACA?

I bet they are and this will be particularly problematic in future years because of the Boomers swelling the ranks(which I also am).


Yes Mark, everyone over 65 is in the same boat now.

My mother has Medicare and United Health Advantage plan.

I also thought it was better to have Supplemental or Medigap insurance, but asking around, everyone gives a different answer.

At the rehab where my mom is, Sun City Health and Rehabilitation, I was told 
that the Advantage plans, outside of the restrictions on doctors and hospitals, actually provided more care, especially the ARP United HealthAdvantage,  Some plans, like Blue Cross Arizona API and Banner Health variants, are much more strict on restricting length of stay.  So you have to ask around.

My mom feel about 11 years ago and broke her leg.  Back then she was allowed to stay in a rehab unit for three months until fully recovered. Now, just a few days are allowed under current Obamacare.  That is why national medical care costs are down: few services and length of stayfor everyone covered by the plans, but more people are covered.  A lot of Obamacare is covered by the $700,000,000,000 taken from Medicare and spread around to a larger number of covered people.

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