11 May 2012

Dear Edji,

Your journey and the wisdom which has blossomed forth along its unfolding and, at times, circuitous and meandering paths, have been cautionary, instructive, and inspiring. Thank you for speaking so openly about your own experiences and struggles and please continue to do so. You might have saved me years from going down dead-ends or wasting time with certain teachers who only offer lessons in feeling good rather than in freedom from all feelings - good, bad, and otherwise. 

Teachers usually give everyone their unsullied wisdom - rarely do we get the failures and struggles and years of searching and wandering. This, in truth, I find at times so much more instructive than the "do this" and "this is the right way".  We learn much more from the devastating failures of ourselves, or others, than the blissful victories. The victories seem like distant fantasies, though helpful and inspiring pointers.  The failures I can readily identify with and learn from.  Thank you again for sharing them 

I hope that I can meet you when I return home from my restless soul searching which catapulted me from the sleepy suburbs of the Valley to frozen monasteries in Japan and scorched and serene jungles in Thailand.

In deep gratitude for your teachings,


  1. Dear Ed,

    I as well have benefitted immeasureably from you being open about your own life, your search, your ups and downs...your complete vulnerability and unconventionality.

    Just minutes ago, I was perusing an email from one of the popular teachers on the spiritual circuit.

    There were so many q & a's in that email that were vying for my attention.

    I felt your presence as I often do and once again there was the clarity of seeing and a turning away from the intellectual gymnastics that these type of questions and answers can get one caught up in.

    I deleted that subscription, it was the last to go.

    All I have to hold onto is this sense of presence and you.

    What more do I need?

    With much appreciation


  2. Yes R what more one needs! Its so simple3, its complex!