02 August 2009

Is there interest in starting a Satsang in the Los Angeles Area?

Robert never would have started a Satsang except that he couldn't work or drive anymore because of Parkinson's Disease. He jokingly referred to it as his job.

However, I miss Satsang, chanting and the association of people with like minds.

I live in the Valley, and Robert had Satsang all over LA. Satsang was always on Sunday afternoon at 1 pm and Thursday at 7:30. Thursdays were the "deeper" Satsangs, while Sunday were more general and more welcoming for newcomers.

I get emails once a month or so from people who want to know whether we hold Satsang. We don't. But if there were enough interest, it might happen.

If interested, email me at:



  1. Hello, so I'm confused and worried.

    I'm wandering how the enlightend person is to be productive in the world? They may show others the way, which deffinitly is benificial but what happens if everyone is free? We then must only focus on the basics of living in the physical to be happy. But without that... there are still other things to be done. If I have no motivation to do anything upon enlightenment... how can this be helpful?

    I beleive someone said that you must come out of enlightenment to help the world around you. I guess this must be so.

  2. If you go free, you will not worry about who tends the world, and you will then tend according to your personality.

    Why on earth would this be a worry? How many go free a year? Ten people, a million? So few. Too few to make any difference whatsoever.

    The neo-advaitins will say there is no you to tend, but indeed there will be involvement in the object world by your object mind/body to some degree.

    If anything, you should concern yourself if you are even tending now, or is this some part of a continuing derangement of your mind that you must step away from?