15 July 2009

Someone who never met Robert composed this fantastic love poem:

“God, God, God.”
Your violin arrived, Robert, but the answers to the equations weren’t
forthcoming. Instead … just a deafening symphony of silence. It put Brahms, Beethoven and Mendelssohn – even Narada Muni – to shame. There you were – lost in an imponderable composition that never was, but still went on forever. You saw the Limitless masquerade as the finite and dance in consummate stillness. That earned you an “F.” Well done. So … there’s no sky, and there’s no blue. It sounds like perfect kite weather, Robert. Let’s call in “gone for Now” And meet at Warner Park. Play musical chairs around a picnic table with benches? Only you could pull it off. You’re completely nuts, ya know – that’s what I love about you the most. When the harmonium stops playing, just save me a seat on your lap. Now it’s off to India, off to Hawaii, off to Oregon – And back to LA just in time for a cup of chai with Ed and Bodhi. Of course you never went anywhere – where could you possibly go? I miss you. Oh, how I miss you. I was never in your presence, But you were always by my side. Next time, if I don’t turn my head and face you, Just give me a little pinch to remind me that it’s all a dream. Now the peacock has been fed. Flowers lie on Lakshmi’s samadhi, And Dimitri has long since taken his final walk on the waning plane of storied yesterdays. I must have blinked and missed it all. Tell me one last time how everything came to pass, Robert – It’s not real, but it’s a beautiful, beautiful lie. You say took a lawyer to confession, did you? Too bad the confession of a jnani isn’t admissible in court. The magistrate just can’t find a box large enough to contain the Infinite. So I guess Reality will have to be our little secret. You’re such a mischief maker, Robert. You really had me going. For a while there, I almost listened your words – Instead of drinking all the love you offered in a single draught.

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